January 26, 2024
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Begineers Pose Yoga



  • Make a comfortable seat, where your hips are above your knees (you can do this by folding a blanket and placing your sitting bones on the edge) with your legs out in front of you in Staff Pose (Dandasana)
  • Lengthen your spine from your tailbone up through the crown of your head.
  • Fold your legs in towards your body, crossing your shins and placing each foot beneath the opposite knee. Allow a Comfortable gap between your feet and your pelvis. You will make a triangle space with your shins and inner thighs.
  • Relax your feet.
  • Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand onto the ground beside you.
  • Feel the connection bet ween you and the earth.
  • Take long deep breaths starting your inhale from the core of the earth and bringing it all the way up through your Spine and out of the top of your head Exhale, bringing your breath ‘back down into the earth.
  • You can do this breath for just one minute or turn it into a full meditation.


  • Sukhasana is often called the Pose of Happiness.
  • Bhumisparsha mudra is also called Earth Witness Mudra.
  • Grounding. Focuses the mind.
  • Reduces stress Bring mental clarity.
  • Opens the connection between your heart and the earth.

Creates a state of serenity and harmony.


Make yourself comfortable with the planet prep or a meditation cushier If you are outside and don’t have a prop available you can do it without. When doing this pose regularly alternate the cross of your legs so every other day the left shin is in front, or you can change your legs around half way through (and this also gives you a little break in he middle.

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