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Body Mandala: Posture, Perception, and Presence

An experiential guide to using your body as the focus of contemplative practice Mary Bond

“Body Mandala” by Mary Bond is a transformative guide, delving into the profound connection between the body and contemplative practice. Blending movement theory, neuroscience, and personal narrative, Bond explores the structural foundation of the human body in motion and stillness. With over 50 self-explorations, readers are invited to unlock the body’s somatic wisdom, understanding the role of the fascial system and the power of internal perception. Bond’s integration of philosophy and polyvagal theory adds depth, while streaming links provide audio and video guidance for each practice. This experiential journey not only enhances posture but cultivates awareness and compassion. “Body Mandala” beautifully reveals the body as a personal mandala, urging readers to embrace conscious embodiment for a more perceptive and humane existence.

Publisher: Healing Arts Press; 2nd Edition

Available from: amazon.com at $24.99

Tantric Sex for Lovers

Diana Richardson and Michael Richardson A complete guide to tantric sex in a 3-volume boxed set

This is an enlightening and comprehensive guide to incorporating tantric practices into intimate relationships. The authors delve into the spiritual and healing aspects of sex, providing valuable insights for both men and women. “Tantric Orgasm for Women” focuses on relaxation as the key to deep orgasmic states, exploring the role of feminine energy and offering ancient meditations and exercises. In “Tantric Sex for Men,” the authors guide men beyond goal-oriented sex, emphasising the meditative union of energies and relationship-strengthening benefits. “Slow Sex” provides a step-by-step guide for couples, emphasising the healing and spiritual power of deliberate, mindful lovemaking. With practical techniques, position sequences, and insights, this three-volume set offers a profound resource for couples seeking sustained sexual vitality, connection, and higher consciousness.

Available from: innerdtraditions.com at $50

Bird Vibes Meditation Cards

Spiritual Insight Through Birds (A 54- Card Deck and Guidebook) Catherine C. Bastedo

This is a beautifully illustrated and insightful deck that seamlessly combines the world of birds with the exploration of chakras. With 54 cards representing birds found in North America, the deck and accompanying booklet offer a unique approach to meditation, bird appreciation, and spiritual guidance. The cards, grouped by chakras, provide a visually stunning connection between bird characteristics and energy centres. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or seeking spiritual insight, the poetic descriptions and bird facts in this deck offer a delightful daily practice. The deck not only encourages a deeper appreciation for nature but also instills gratitude for the avian companions that share our world, making it a perfect companion for those interested in birds, chakras, or meditation.

Available at amazon.com at $22.14

THE ADVENTURE: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening

Steve Taylor

In this book, psychologist and spiritual explorer Steve Taylor offers a compelling roadmap for readers on the journey towards enlightenment. Published under the Eckhart Tolle Editions imprint, the book delves into eight essential qualities of wakefulness, including disidentification from the ego, gratitude, and acceptance. Taylor’s exploration is grounded in the question of whether individuals can achieve awakening through personal efforts, and he asserts a resounding yes. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific characteristic, providing practical exercises, guidance, and meditations. Taylor not only imparts a profound understanding of individual awakening but also suggests a larger, transformative narrative—that personal awakenings herald a collective shift in human consciousness. “The Adventure” invites readers to embark on a transformative exploration of spiritual awakening, rich with insights and practices.

Mula and the Lovesick Snake

The 4th instalment in the Mula and Friends picture book series! Lauren Hoffmeier, Illustrated by Ela Smietanka

So far, the mischievous little fly has helped Mula the sleepy tiger to wake up and get energised, helped Svadi the snooty monkey to stop caring what others think and has even helped Mani, an unsure elephant, to feel confident! Now, Mula and the fly are back to help Ana, who is a very lovesick snake. When Ana opens her heart and follows it to the river, she finds all the love she needs … her true love has been with her all along! Hoffmeier’s engaging storytelling is complemented by vibrant illustrations, capturing the attention of young readers and making the book an excellent addition to the yoga-for-kids series. With diagrams and illustrations of popular yoga poses in the backmatter, the book serves as a soft introduction to yoga for all abilities, encouraging children to relax and unwind. “Mula and the Lovesick Snake” is more than just a story; it’s an interactive journey into mindfulness, promoting not only literacy but also physical and mental well-being. As Hoffmeier releases this captivating tale, it is poised to captivate children and parents alike, fostering a love for reading and a positive approach to life.

“I’m so excited to bring this new instalment to the Mula and Friends yoga-for-kids series. This book centres on compassion and self- love, which is something I feel we could all use a little more of as we journey forward on the great adventure of life. Open your hearts to radiant possibilities and enjoy Mula and the Lovesick Snake with a loved one, or should I say, Give yoga a try with Mula and the Fly!” –

Lauren Hoffmeier.

Available as both hardback (£12.99) and paperback (£6.99) on 8 February 2024.

Horlicks Tablets

Long-awaited relaunch of

In celebration of its 150th year, Horlicks delights fans with the return of the legendary Horlicks Tablets, a nostalgic treat cherished for its malty flavour and texture. Responding to overwhelming demand, the chewable Tablets offer a trip down memory lane for Horlicks enthusiasts. The Tablets in tins of 20 make ideal stocking fillers. The iconic brand, known for nourishing soldiers and fortifying athletes, brings back the Tablets just in time for a major anniversary. Horlicks’ rich and creamy taste, brimming with 14 essential vitamins and minerals, continues to offer a warm and delicious hug in a mug.

Available at B&M at £1.75 per tin.

Rejuvenate Reed Diffuser

Awaken your space with the rejuvenating fragrance of ginger, lemongrass and nutmeg to uplift the senses and boost energy levels throughout the home. Natural rattan reeds gradually diffuse the oils for long- lasting fragrance and an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.

Top note: Mandarin, Lime Middle note: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Nutmeg Base note: Ginger, Clove

£44 Available from www. elementalherbology.com at £44 (currently on offer at £38.80)


Lift’s new Activ Energy Boost chews offer a convenient and effective solution to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Packed with fast-acting glucose, these chews provide a quick pick-me-up for gym-goers or long- distance runners. The blend of essential vitamins and minerals, including Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12, not only boosts energy but also combats tiredness and fatigue. A caffeine-free option, Lift Activ Energy Boost is suitable for various activities, from intense workouts to daily challenges. With four delightful flavours, such as Juicy Raspberry and Zesty Lemon & Lime, these easy-to-eat chews are a tasty and efficient way to stay energised. At just £6.00 for 18 tablets, they’re an accessible and flavourful addition to your routine.

Available at www.liftglucose.com and Tesco stores

Introducing Nudea’s New Organic Cotton Robe 4

For ultimate wearable wellness

Nudea has unveiled a luxurious new addition – a new 100% organic cotton robe. A lightweight, elegant design with tie waist belt, front pocket and distinctive Nudea embroidery for ultimate wearable wellness. Perfect for slipping on over Nudea’s classic pyjama’s styles, the Robe is crafted with double-layered cloth and a textured finish. Available in Navy and Cotton White, Sizes XS to XXL, RRP £70

Available exclusively at www.nudea.com; currently on offer at £52

Mother Cuppa Tea

Mother Cuppa Tea’s Wellness Herbal Teas Collection caters to women’s hormonal health with purposeful blends. This British company offers a range of herbal infusions, including the Energise, Hydrate, and Relax blends. Crafted to support women’s wellbeing, these teas feature all-natural herbal blends with zero caffeine, zero calories, and delightful natural flavourings. Mother Cuppa Tea’s commitment to women’s health shines through in this thoughtfully curated collection, providing a choice of blends to suit different needs and moods. Elevate your tea experience with these wellness-focused infusions, catering specifically to the unique health requirements of women.


MOMO X Orbit Beers Hops Kombucha returns for its third year, offering a limited edition beverage perfect for festive celebrations and Dry January. Infused with Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops, the kombucha delivers a delightful blend of tropical fruit and gooseberry flavours, complemented by a tart finish. The complexity of hops, with citrus and herbal notes, pairs seamlessly with MOMO’s fully fermented tart kombucha. A non-alcoholic treat for beer enthusiasts, each purchase supports Save the Children’s Gaza appeal, contributing 10p per bottle. Enjoy MOMO X Orbit Beers Hops Kombucha, available at Selfridges, Orbit Beers’ website, taproom, and www.momo-kombucha.com until March.

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