January 26, 2024
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Ask Yogi February 2024

Q: Can you suggest anything that can open my hips as I am suffering from stiff back and sore muscles? -S. Singh – London

A: You could try navasana (boat pose) to support your lower back strength. Lie down on your back keeping your legs together. To support your head, place your hands behind the base of your neck. As you breathe in, lift your head and upper body off the floor.

Slowly bring the legs up together on an inhalation if possible so that you are in a 45-degree angle. To help you come into this position bend the knees when lifting and then when you find your centre, straighten the legs. Your body weight should be resting on your buttock. If you find it difficult to keep the legs and spine straight at the same time, just modify the pose. The shoulders should be rolled forward slightly and arms straight on either side at the same level. You can leave palms facing up, down or to the side.

This exercise is excellent for toning muscles and losing weight in the stomach. In addition to building stamina, regular performance helps release anxiety and stress located in the stomach region.

A natural inner muscle massage is given to the stomach and the muscles of the back as you stretch up and down, helping to release toxins. Repeat the exercise at least 2-3 times.

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