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Holidays are meant to be a break away from the everyday stresses of life. This can be anything from the stressors of work and family life to social media’s influence on your mental health. However, 68% of people continue to work while on holiday, and most people spend an average of three hours or more on their phones. This can make relaxing incredibly difficult, and you might not benefit from the true stress relief a holiday should give you. However, a disconnected holiday could be the answer.

What is a disconnected holiday?
A disconnected holiday is a rest
away from technology, as part of a digital detox. There are multiple reasons you might consider this, including boosting mental well-being, connecting with friends, family, and nature, as well as allowing you to truly experience all a holiday has to offer without the interruption of a phone screen.

Disconnected holidays don’t have access to the internet or signal and have multiple technology-less activities which involve exploring the local area and nature, allowing you to avoid the temptation of using your devices. So, pack those luxury bikinis and bestsellers you’ve been dying to read for a holiday full of rest, relaxation, and technology rejection.

Some Places to Visit


According to European Best Destinations, Monte Isla is the perfect place for a digital detox. Situated by Lake Iseo, this is one of the best places to disconnect from your daily life and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Not only can you get away from your daily technology use here as you don your swimsuits and dive into the waters, but also cars are banned from driving here, giving you complete peace of body and mind.


Portugal has many locations where you can switch off your mobile phone and laptop, and step into nature. From thermal waters to volcanic eruption sites and waterfalls, Portugal has it all to distract you away from the screen.


Cascata da Ribeira do Ferreiro boasts beautiful views and walks, connecting you with nature from the rolling green hills to the flowing waterfalls. And why not distract yourself away from social media with the flavours of the countryside? Honey, flavoured by the range of wildflowers, and jams made from the guava tree are not to be missed. The Faial Island in Portugal is another option for those adventurous walkers and family detox moments. With a beautiful botanic garden and incredible views, you cannot get bored of this location. Or even dip your toes in thermal waters by visiting Parque Terra Nostra. Allow these natural mineral waters to wash away your stress.

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