January 26, 2024
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The art of wholeness and healing: Opening to flow, movement, and the power of breath, to calm and activate the heart chakra to its highest state.

How do you heal a broken heart? How do you open up to attract love? Most of us go through heartache at some point or another. But few of us truly work through it and process that hurt so that it heals and we move on in openness. In this day and age of increasing technological advances and more and more screen time”, it can be easy to forget to go deeper. We get tense, over-active mentally, and imbalanced in terms of harmony between body, mind, and soul.

In love, this can be a big problem. Most modern people walk around with a collection of wounds, attachments, worries, and fears stuck in their bodies and emotions. And it can severely hold back our ability to attract, feel, receive and deeply experience love. How?

When we have traumatic experiences such as going through a breakup, being rejected, or experiencing loss, it creates an emotional “scar”. And if we don’t fully process and deal with it, these experiences can create stuck energies and “blocks” in our chakra systems and our bodies. It means we may be holding onto tension, repressing fear, and trying to control circumstances out of worry of being hurt again.

In short, it keeps us out of flow and openness. In this way, those past hurts often prevent us from being available to the full experience of love in the now moment, and future.

“When we move in a conscious flow with breath and prana in our yoga practice, we can gently heal unconscious sadness, fears, and hurts from a past breakup that may have been lodged in our body and energy systems”.

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