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That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.– Edgar Alan Poe (1809–1849).

The amazing natural world gives us incredible healing plants which could be seen as manifestations of the conscious intelligence of the universe. The ‘life force,’ ‘qi’ or ‘prana’ of each plant is a dynamic manifestation of consciousness and every plant has its own subtle intelligence or unique wisdom, life force and attributes which give it ‘energetic’ effects as well as its array of medically active constituents and its potential ability to heal. Herbs and flowers from all over the globe can impart their wisdom or intelligence to us and help us to balance energetic disturbances that create imbalances and health problems in mind and body, reconnect or realign us with consciousness and in this way bring about healing and in this way bring about healing. They are an extraordinary gift. Whether we live in a town or country, we can benefit from Words: Anne Mclntyre WELLNESS Yoga 83 Facebook the incredible healing ability of the flowers around us and use them to care for ourselves and others.

Every flower has its own exclusive blend of many different attributes. It has myriad biochemical constituents and physiological actions; it has its qualities and properties, being either heating or cooling, drying or moistening, heavy or light. It has its own texture and appearance, its own combination of tastes and smells and with time and experience, it is possible to become acquainted with each individual herb almost like a different character. Since the earliest times when people lived much closer to nature than we do now, flowers were believed to have natures and temperaments much like our own. Just as human life was suffused with the divine, so too each flower was envisaged as having a spirit or soul which determined its shape and form, the way it grew, its taste and smell and its meaning and purpose in the world in relation to human life. Taking all this into consideration, we can consider a healing flower as a whole and not assess its healing potential based solely on its active constituents or even its different qualities.

Anne Mclntyre has been in clinical practice working as a medical herbalist for over 40years having

trained as a remedial masseuse, aromatherapist, homeopath and counsellor.

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