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Historically there have been many accounts of how the ‘Five Tibetans’ or ‘Five Rites’ came to be, some suggesting that it could be a practice that is around 2,500 years old. The most famous account written and publicised by explorer, Peter Kelder who describes this sequence as an ‘ancient fountain of youth’ with bene ts including improved eyesight, memory, hair growth, hair colour restoration and anti-ageing. Whilst there isn’t enough information to suggest that the ‘Five Tibetans’ can really turn back the clock, we do know that this is a great sequence to help you feel rejuvenated, increase your energy levels, reduce stress, leave you feeling more positive, stronger and exible.



Stand tall with your arms outstretched to the side, horizontal with the shoulders, spin in a clockwise direction up to 21 times or until you feel slightly unstable or dizzy. Breathe in and out of your stomach whist performing this, taking your breathing deeper as you become unstable to help rebalance.


Lie down on your mat; place your hands at down next to your hips. Inhale in, raise you legs straight up keeping your knees as straight as possible. If you have the exibility, extend your legs over your body towards your head. At the same time, raise your neck and head and hold this position for a few moments, exhale out then slowly lower you head and legs to the ground. Repeat ve times leading up to 21 times


Kneel on your mat with your hands by your side, palms at to your legs. Lean forward as far as possible from the waist, rest your chin on your chest. Inhale in, lean back as far as possible from the waist tilting your head backwards, move your hands to the back of your thighs for support. Keep your toes upright to the oor in order to balance during the movement. Exhale out bringing your head back up to a neutral position and your arms back to your sides. Repeat ve times leading up to 21 times with practice.


Sit up straight on your mat with your feet stretched out in front of you, backs of the knees touching the mat if possible. Place your hands at on your mat with your ngers closed together. Rest your chin on your chest. Breathe in, raise your body up into a backbend position with your body and thighs parallel to the ground. Let your head fall back slightly. Exhale out and return to your sitting position with your chin back on your chest. Repeat ve times leading up to 21 times with practice.


Get down onto your hands and knees in push-up position, with your hands and legs about shoulder width apart. Breathe in and come up on your toes as far as your can arch your back, straighten your legs as much as your body allows and drop your head back into cobra position. Exhale out, bend at the waist and raise your hips as far as possible into an inverted ‘V’ shape or Downward Dog position. Tuck your chin close to your chest. Begin your next inhalation and repeat the rite ve times leading up to 21 times with practice.

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